Thank Goodness he's a Country Boy

Date Night

You feel amazing. Your hair looks great, your make-up is perfect, and you’ve had a beautiful day being pampered and getting to know all these lovely girls.

You rock up to Date Night feeling on top of the world. The music is lively, the conversation is easy, and you have an awesome time boot-scooting on the dance floor with all the guys. But now it’s time for a rest and a drink, and you find a spot near the bar. Just as you’re turning back to watch the dance floor, the guy that you’ve been eyeing all night appears at your elbow.

He smiles at you and starts to say something, but is drowned out by the announcement: “The auction is about to begin! It’s time for all the bachelors to come to the stage and strut their stuff!”

To your surprise, he smiles at you again, shrugs lightly and saunters towards the stage. You can only raise your eyebrows and take out your wallet, checking how much cash you can afford to spend…


Sound like your idea of a good time? The glitz and glam of Date Night ensures that it will be an evening to remember. Tear up the dance floor or sit in a quiet corner getting to know someone a little better – either way, your hosts Brie will be there to make sure you enjoy the truly unique experience that is Thank Goodness He’s a Country Boy!