Thank Goodness he's a Country Boy

Thank Goodness He’s A Country Boy

Thank Goodness He’s A Country Boy is a weekend-long event where city gals meet country guys in a fun, relaxed environment.

“Expect fun, glitz and glam, laughter – lots of laughter, games, playful introductions, amazing live music from local bands and all the all the country hospitality you can imagine!”

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Girls are treated to pampering sessions, style consultations, and the options of relationship courses and, perhaps most importantly, some valuable insight into the male mind!

Guys get the chance to meet women looking for love in the country, and to show off the charm and hospitality of their hometown.

The weekend’s activities will showcase the culture, music and hospitality of the local area. The proceeds of the main event – the Bachelor Auction –  go to the local community. So gentlemen, take this opportunity to strut your stuff and perhaps win a heart or two!

For more information, contact:

Brie Peters
Glamourpuss Events
0411 550 910
[email protected]